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One of the world’s largest aircraft landed at Kiruna Airport

2013-06-20, kl. 10:34

Monday, June 17, was a historic day at Kiruna Airport when a Boeing 747-400, also known as a jumbo jet, landed at the airport straight from Japan. It is the world’s largest aircraft and the first time one has landed at Kiruna Airport.

The Japanese air cargo company Nippon Cargo, which specialises in the transport of sensitive goods, was responsible for the large-scale cargo transport that landed at Kiruna Airport on June 17.

“It is a milestone in the development of the airport. We are very pleased and proud of it. It is not every day that one of the world’s largest aircraft lands at Kiruna Airport,” says airport director Peter Salomonsson.

The Nippon Cargo flight obviously required a little extra effort and special arrangements in order for it to be carried out and helps in developing the experience of Kiruna Airport’s staff.

Jumbojet från Japan på Kiruna Airport