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Nazar to double its charter flights to Turkey from Kiruna next year

2014-11-04, kl. 12:54

The Turkey travel specialist Nazar is increasing its charter departures from Kiruna Airport. Next year it will offer six departures in May/June and four departures in October. That is twice the number as last season, when Nazar had five almost fully booked departures from Kiruna to Antalya – a classic destination for holiday-makers. You can now book your next holiday to the sun, with non-stop service from Kiruna.

It looks like Kiruna Airport will reach an all-time high in 2014, with upwards of 260,000 passengers, and the airport is working hard and with great focus to establish long-term charter traffic.

“We work strategically to meet the demand and positive trends, which we have had great success with, together with the tourism industry and arriving passengers, for a long time. We are now making an extra effort for passengers in the region and are proud to be able to continue offering both early summer and autumn flights to a popular, attractive destination in Turkey in partnership with Nazar,” says Peter Salomonsson, airport director at Kiruna Airport.

The charter service from Kiruna Airport provides sun worshippers a quick, convenient way to fly directly to the heat. In Antalya, Nazar offers hotels with an all-inclusive package, which has become very popular and is appreciated by families with children as well as other travellers. The hotels have wonderful beach locations along the Mediterranean coast, and Nazar’s flagship hotel, Pegasus World, will appeal to travellers with its expanded pool area.

“Nazar looks forward to returning to Kiruna with a broader offering, and this time is giving Kiruna and the region ample time to book and plan for their future holidays. Given the focus on diversity in Kiruna and all of northern Sweden, we believe there is great interest in visiting and experiencing more of Turkey and the destinations we offer in this programme,” says Kemal Yamanlar, managing director of Nazar.