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Kiruna Airport to feature local art

2013-05-02, kl. 13:51

Friday was the official opening of an art exhibition at Kiruna Airport – a show that will run for the entire year and feature artists from the province of Norrbotten. First out is Britta Marakatt-Labba.

The art exhibition at Kiruna Airport is a collaboration between Resurscentrum i Norr  and Swedavia, Kiruna Airport. The aim is to exhibit art in new venues and create an inspiring airport environment. Art has always been a natural feature in Kiruna’s townscape, and this is a way to continue that tradition by now working with contemporary art for a broader audience. 

“Norrbotten has many talented artists, and it is wonderful that their work will now get a little extra exposure while at the same time helping to make the airport an even more pleasant place for our passengers,” says Gun-Marie Töyrä, head of marketing at Kiruna Airport.

Marakatt-Labba’s work to be exhibited at the airport for about two months

The art exhibition with Britta Marakatt-Labba will run until the end of July. Ms Marakatt-Labba is known for her textile art, especially her Sami themes. 

The list of other artists who will be exhibiting their work at the airport during the year has not been finalised. A number of artists have been selected, but the order in which they will appear has not yet been determined.