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Fly non-stop to Turkey from Kiruna Airport this spring and summer

2014-02-06, kl. 11:29

In May and June 2014, you can fly with the tour operator Nazar non-stop to Antalya, Turkey.

Starting May 17 and with the last flight on June 14, Nazar will fly from Antalya via Kiruna Airport. There will be a total of four departures, on Saturdays, to this Turkish holiday paradise.

About Antalya

Antalya is a port city in southwestern Turkey. You’ll find beautiful nature, lovely swimming, shopping and a varied nightlife, with many restaurants and bars. Parts of Antalya are built into cliffs, and you’ll find a wonderful waterfall nearby. The old town is a picturesque part of Antalya, with cobblestone streets and many shops and bazaars to look for bargains in.

About Nazar

When you travel with Nazar, the trip includes return tickets, hotel transfers, food on the flight and all inclusive arrangements. At the Nazar Collection Hotel, this also includes Nazar’s own pirate club, swimming school, youth club and dance school – at no additional cost.
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Nazar’s Delphine Imperial Hotel in Antalya.