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Anna Almqvist’s Slow Art at Kiruna Airport

2013-08-21, kl. 16:58

Kiruna Airport’s investment in local art in partnership with Resurscentrum i Norr now continues with a new artist – Anna Almqvist.

Anna Almqvist is exhibiting her water colours at Kiruna Airport through October 30. The paintings are for her degree project in Slow Art. Slow Art involves slow, painstaking processes. The art form is characterised by works made carefully instead of quickly and values quality over quantity.

The art exhibit at Kiruna Airport is a project that will run the entire year, with different artists from the County of Norrbotten. The aim is to exhibit art in new venues as well as to create an inspiring airport environment. Art has always been a natural feature in Kiruna’s townscape, and this is a way to continue that tradition by working to have contemporary art reach a broader audience.

Facts Anna Almqvist

Anna Almqvist is a water colourist from Luleå. She works part-time as a graphic designer and is curator at Teknikens Hus. She paints water colours part-time in her studio at home. She trained in water colour painting at Santa Barbara City College in the US. Anna’s subjects include plants and organic forms, and her technique involves layer upon layer of water colours and glazing with thinly diluted paint or just water. Her subjects often evoke a sense of vegetation from a science fiction world or from prehistoric eras.

One of Anna Almqvist’s works.