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Anders Alm’s Bilder ur Natten photo exhibition to be shown at Kiruna Airport

Black and white photo of a snowman, by Anders Alm
2015-01-20, kl. 09:35

You will now be able to see the art exhibition Bilder ur Natten (’Pictures from the night’) by the photographer Anders Alm at the airport. Beginning January 23, the exhibition will be on display in the departure hall.

Is there night in the summer when light is everywhere? Is it always night during the winter in Norrbotten, in the far north of Sweden? Can one define ‘night’? Anders Alm asked these questions as the art project Bilder ur Natten developed under strict forms and conditions. The result is a series of images of how night in the far north of Sweden can look twelve months of the year – an exhibition that conveys calm, melancholy and enchantment.

You are invited to experience the exhibition in the departure hall, after the security checkpoint, between January 23 and April 9, 2015.

About Anders Alm

Anders Alm is an experienced freelance photographer with many of his own projects/documentations under his belt. Böckerna Inside (‘The books inside’), Ett år med Luleå Hockey (‘A year with Luleå Hockey’) and Den barnlösa byn (‘The village with no children’), about the village of Vettasjärvi, are the results of three projects. Den barnlösa byn was nominated as best book of photography by the Association of Swedish Professional Photographers in 1997. Mr Alm has also been awarded a number of grants, including the Swedish Writers’ Union’s five-year working grant, Nordiska Museet’s diploma for meritorious documentary photography and the Borg Mesch Grant.