New pier for increased access and flexibility

Another pier with fourteen gates and related apron and taxiways will be completed in 2025. The pier will provide a number of flexible aircraft parking stands and enable Stockholm Arlanda to handle more aircraft both large and small from different destinations at the same time.

The new pier from above

Increased flexibility

The pier will be a pleasant place for departures and arrivals, with plenty of seating and space for our passengers. It will be about 350 metres long. The walkways to the aircraft – passenger bridges – will be adaptable so that we can alternate between and handle both large and small aircraft at the 14 new gates, which gives the airport increased flexibility. Levels 3 through 5 will accommodate passengers both inside and outside the Schengen area. Levels 1 and 2 will house baggage handling facilities for the entire airport.


Crystal-clear with a Nordic glow

The new pier will have a Scandinavian look, with an attractive, appealing, airy atmosphere. The building materials will include a lot of wood, glass and steel. The architectural concept is described as “a crystal-clear glass box with a Nordic glow, placed on a heavy, solid base”.



“A crystal-clear glass box with a Nordic glow, placed on a heavy, solid base”

New pier på Stockholm Arlanda Airport
The new pier and gate
New pier at Stockholm Arlanda