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Goods deliveries, apron and border control

In 2018, we completed a new consolidation center for deliveries, a new apron adjacent to Terminal 2 and a new border control – all in order to ensure capacity, enhance the passenger experience and be more efficient.

Consolidation center

Stockholm Arlanda Airport has a new consolidation center for deliveries in the eastern part of the Cargo Center building in Cargo City. A consolidation center provides better coordination of goods and supplies delivered to the airport’s restaurants, shops and maintenance areas.

By having the same address for all deliveries to Stockholm Arlanda, the transport of goods is redirected away from the terminals. With our new, more efficient security checkpoint customised to handle goods, we also meet the growing need for fast deliveries.

The consolidation center was inaugurated in 2018.


Yellow trucks inside a goods terminal
Outside the ramp E with heavy clouds in the sky

Apron for aircraft parking

We’ve built a new apron adjacent to Terminal 2 so that more and larger aircraft will be able to park. This replaces some aircraft parking stands that will disappear while the new pier at Terminal 5 is being built. The apron is also important for ensuring capacity as we continue to develop the airport.

The apron was completed in 2018.

New spaces and walkways

To reduce crowding and enhance the passenger experience, we have provided additional space and walkways for passengers. The environment in the area for Gates 11-24 has been improved, while a new security checkpoint for transfer passengers and a new border control have been built.

Everything was completed in 2018.

A woman walking towards the passport control