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Landvetter Airport Conference

  • Play video
    Room for up to 16 people


  • Play video
    Room for up to 8 people


  • Play video
    Room for up to 4 people


Conference room People Price 1 hour Price 3 hours
Price all day
Flyer No 1 * 4 400 SEK
1 200 SEK 2 000 SEK
The Goose * 4 400 SEK 1 200 SEK 2 000 SEK
Junker 8 - 2 400 SEK 2 900 SEK
Caravelle 16 - 3 000 SEK
4 100 SEK
Comet 16 - 3 000 SEK
4 100 SEK
Metropolitan 16 - 3 000 SEK
4 100 SEK
Comet Metropolitan 40 - 5 900 SEK 7 500 SEK
Welcome Lounge** 65 - 5 900 SEK 7 500 SEK

All prices exclude VAT.

* Not equipped with LCD projector.
* Not adjacent to other conference rooms.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 08.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.

Equipment in all rooms except the group rooms

Wireless broadband, LCD projector, projection screen, white board, flipchart, paper, pens, notebook, analogue telephone, sweets and water.

Equipment that can be booked at no extra cost


Food and beverages

You can order breakfast, canapés/cocktail refreshments or lunch for conferences at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

Customising meetings

Would you like to get something extra out of your meeting at the airport? Göteborg Landvetter Airport also offers guided tours of the airport. Regardless of your request, you are welcome to contact the conference booking office and we will do what we can to put together an experience that fits your company in particular.

Option – VIP express security

You and your guests get a VIP escort from the conference venue straight into the departure hall via a private security checkpoint. You will be at the gate in a minute or so after your meeting has ended.

Price: SEK 119 per person (excluding VAT)