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Large and small meetings at Kiruna Airport

Having a conference at the airport is no real difference from having a conference at any other meeting facility in the country - it is just a touch more convenient. Kiruna Airport is a natural meeting place, and here you have the possibility for both small meetings and large exhibitions for up to 3,500 visitors.

Organising a conference or meeting is simple at Kiruna Airport. By having your meeting at the airport, you both save time by using less transportation and avoid unnecessary hotel overnight expenses. Kiruna Airport Conference currently has two rooms: Orion and Arena Arctica.


Conference room Number of people Seating arrangement
Orion 20 classroom seating

Orion is a fully equipped conference room in a newly renovated setting. The room accommodates groups of up to twenty people, and uses a long table as its standard seating arrangement. Drinks and refreshments can be served either in the restaurant or in the conference room depending on your requirements. Orion is located in the airport building but has its own separate entrance from the parking.

Arena Arctica

Conference room Type of room Number of people
Arena Arctica

exhibition hall




Arena Arctica is 5,000 square metres large and therefore large enough for a Boeing 747. The event area suits both product launches and such concerts as the Swedish Song Contest. The hangar has heating which means that it can be minus degrees outside but eighteen plus degrees or more inside the building if desired. Here there is space and possibilities for all kinds of gatherings and events. The venue accommodates up to 3,500 people.

For more information and help with planning your event in Arena Arctica, visit www.arenaarctica.com.