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Convenient meetings at Åre Östersund Airport

Start your kick-off directly at the airport or why not have a quick meeting before your business trip? Here, it is easy to gather colleagues, business partners and customers in an environment which is full of life.

The greatest advantage with having your meeting at Åre Östersund Airport is its convenience. In an age when time is increasingly scarce, a fast and effective meeting is essential. Åre Östersund Airport Conference has a newly built conference room which is strategically located in the centre of the new arrivals hall, with a view over the runway. The room is called Österhus and accommodates up to 25 people.

There is also a smaller room called Västerhus, which is located in the departure hall and accommodates up to eight people.

Both rooms have all the required technical equipment to ensure an effective meeting. You can choose if you want to rent the room for a few hours or a whole day.

It is also possible to rent a 100 square metre international hall suitable for different events, parties or work shops.


Conference room Seating arrangement
Österhus school seating, long table
Västerhus long table
International hall  

Seating in the rooms can be arranged to suit you. Food and snacks from the restaurant Food are offered during the conference, and it is even possible for the duty free shop's range of perfume and confectionary to be made available to your conference guests.

Make your meeting unique

Take the opportunity to make your conference unique by combining it with other events at the airport. Why not take a snowmobile out in your lunch break, and a guided tour of the airport during the afternoon?

All conference guests have free car parking.