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Season ticket parking

If you travel often, favourable season ticket parking is available.


Annual card SEK 20,000
Six month card SEK 11,000
Three month card SEK 6,000
Prices are inclusive of VAT.


E-mail: parkeringsavtal.bromma@swedavia.se 


Questions and answers about leased parking

Where is the leased parking facility located?

The leased parking facility is located in the outdoor parking area. Spaces are marked with the sign Förhyrd parkering (“leased parking”).

How do I identify myself?

Identification is made using a parking card issued by Bromma Stockholm Airport. The card is valid for one parking space but is not connected to a specific vehicle.

What space do I get?

You park your car in one of the spaces available marked Förhyrd parkering. 

What if there is a problem at the entrance to the parking area or the card has been lost?

If a problem should arise at the entrance/exit, press the telephone button at the gate and you will be connected to parking customer service. If you have lost your parking card, please contact parkeringsavtal.bromma@swedavia.se.

There is a limited number of season ticket parking spaces available.