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Welcome to Sundsvall! Sundsvall is the destination for those who want to embellish their holiday in Norrland with shopping and entertainment. Today, this is the home to Norrland’s largest city mall and Birsta Shopping Centre, which is one of Sweden’s largest out-of-town retail Centre. In the midst of the northern nature, and at the heart of everything, you´ll find, perhaps, one of the country’s most beautiful city centers with rich ornate post-renaissance stone buildings. Raise your eyes towards the beautiful facades and enjoy!
Bromma Stockholm Airport - Sundsvall
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30 km west of Sundsvall is one of the last preserved self-subsistent households in Sweden. Between 1779 and 1944 the fields here were farmed by five generations with no roads. The 22 buildings preserved are listed and the area is a nature reserve.

Gudmundstjärn, Indal
Turistväg Indalsleden

Main roads 86 and 87 between Sundsvall and Östersund are called Indalsleden and said to be one of the most beautiful tourist routes in Sweden. The entire route along the Indalsälven valley is an outdoor activities eldorado. If you are interested in history, you have many opportunities to stop and see old rural culture, museums, nature information centres and ancient remains.


Sundsvall Timrå Airport (Midlanda) is located between Sundsvall and Härnösand. A taxi between Sundsvall and the airport costs around SEK 400.

Public Transport

City buses are no. 1-5, to/from Navet bus station. Here you can buy and reload your travel card and also get information about routes in our destination, in the city and to/from rural areas. Ordinary price for a one way trip is 24 SEK. You can pay for tickets on the buses with credit or travel card (not cash).