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Kristianstad - in the middle of nature and with nature in the middle of town! Renaissance town in the heart of Kristianstads Vattenrike. Experience nature from naturum Vattenriket visitor center, or safari by boat, jeep, bike or by foot. Nature activities in all seasons – for instance eagle safari in winter or crane safari in spring. The town centre with hotels, cafés, restaurants and culture activities is situated within five minutes walk. Within a short distance from Kristianstad you find incredible fishing spots, miles of beaches, perfect golf courses and bike routes!
Bromma Stockholm Airport - Kristianstad
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Bäckaskog Castle and Gardens

Back in the 1200s a community of monks built a monastery here on a narrow strip of land between the shimmering waters of two lakes. The area have a natural beauty and rich cultural history.

Barumsvägen 113, 290 34, Fjälkinge
Kronoskogen – nature reserve

This diverse area embraces mixed forest, coastal dunes, reed beds, and a vast sandy beach. Enjoy hiking, jogging, swimming and bird watching.

Åvägen, Äspet, 296 33, Åhus