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Sunfleet’s car pool now at Bromma Stockholm Airport

2015-05-04, kl. 09:00

Swedavia’s partnership with the car pool company Sunfleet has now been enhanced. The car pool already operates at Stockholm Arlanda, Göteborg Landvetter, Malmö and Visby Airports and will now be expanded to include Bromma Stockholm Airport.

On May 11, Sunfleet’s car pool will open at Bromma Stockholm Airport.  The partnership means that Bromma Stockholm passengers who are members of Sunfleet’s car pool can now combine a rental car with their flight in a way that is fast and cost-effective. 

There is growing interest in car pools at Swedish airports, and this is a major trend in Europe. Signing up with a car pool has potential to help make it easier for passengers to get to and from the airport. It involves signing up for and renting a car online or via Sunfleet’s app in order to then pick up the car and drive off without picking up a key. The only thing needed is a mobile phone.

“We are always looking at how we can make it easier and develop transport options for our passengers to get to and from the airport.  The car pool, with environmentally classified rental cars, is a good, sustainable complement to other transport modes for our passengers,” says Therese Forsström, environmental manager at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

“We are very pleased that we can now open up at Bromma Stockholm Airport. Being able to pick up a Sunfleet car right outside the airport makes it even easier for our members to travel in Sweden,” says Peter Algurén, CEO of Sunfleet.

Sunfleet is Sweden’s largest car pool, with about 1,000 cars spread across some 40 cities and towns throughout the country.  

The partnership between Swedavia and Sunfleet at Bromma Stockholm Airport will begin with a six-month trial period, and two environmental class Volvo cars will be available at the airport’s leased parking facility, the P1 parking facility.