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Successor with extensive experience appointed at Bromma Stockholm Airport

2013-10-02, kl. 11:14

Beginning in January, Peder Grunditz, the current director of Swedavia's seven regional airports, will take over responsibility for Bromma Stockholm Airport. This ensures that the work to develop access to and from Stockholm will continue without interruption.

Peder Grunditz will assume the position of airport director as a result of the airport's current director, Olle Sundin, taking on a new position outside Swedavia. He has extensive experience running airports as well as a deep understanding of Swedavia's strategic development.

"Peder's experience in the industry, with his ability to build relations with important partners, creates the very best potential for the airport to develop in line with the objectives we have set. We are now also adding knowledge about passenger-related solutions from airports all across Sweden to Bromma Stockholm Airport," says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive of Swedavia.

"Very ambitious work has begun to modernise the airport and thus ensure Stockholm's access. Meanwhile, there are still clear challenges that truly feel inspiring and which I look forward to taking on together with my fellow employees and partners at the special hub that is and will continue to be Bromma Stockholm Airport," says Peder Grunditz.

Among the duties he has had in twelve years of airport work, Peder Grunditz has been responsible for managing airport operations in Swedavia's previous division structure and has served as airport director at Visby Airport. Mr Grunditz is currently part of Swedavia's group management team, with responsibility for seven regional airports, from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north. He also has thirteen years of experience working with airlines, including an assignment at the airport he is about to assume responsibility for. Swedavia is now initiating a recruitment process to fill the position he is stepping down from.