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Record level of satisfied passengers at Bromma Stockholm Airport

2015-02-05, kl. 14:34

Bromma Stockholm Airport set a new record for passenger satisfaction, with 81 per cent satisfied passengers, in its latest survey.

The airport’s previous record, 75 per cent satisfied passengers, has now quickly improved even more. In the latest customer satisfaction survey, passenger satisfaction increased 19 percentage points compared to the same period last year. 

“This is an extraordinary move in a positive direction that was made over a short time at the airport. The results mean that we have set a new all-time record for passenger satisfaction at Bromma Stockholm,” says Peder Grunditz, airport director at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

The greatest increases were in the atmosphere and cleanliness of the airport areas, according to the most recent survey.

“For us, this is clear confirmation that our passengers appreciate our city airport and all the improvements and updates we have carried out to make it even easier, smoother and more welcoming to fly to and from the airport,” Mr Grunditz notes.

“We have focused on making our passenger flows in the terminal more efficient while at the same time increasing and improving the comfort and atmosphere around the airport. Our passengers and the employees who work here now have a better security checkpoint, with improved capacity during peak travel time. We have also expanded our self-service options and our range of services, with a new restaurant and champagne bar,” Mr Grunditz adds.

In 2014, a new international route between Tallinn and Bromma Stockholm Airport began operating, and in late January another international route was launched, this time between Vilnius and Bromma Stockholm Airport.