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Pressbyrån to open at the gate at Bromma Stockholm Airport

2015-09-07, kl. 13:00

Pressbyrån will expand its convenience store operations at Bromma Stockholm Airport, thus enabling passengers to make their last-minute purchases in the gate area as well.

The new Pressbyrån will offer parts of its regular assortment, which is also available elsewhere in the airport, to passengers in the airport’s departure hall, after the security checkpoint. During the autumn, Pressbyrån will test the expanded concept to see determine passenger response. The test is planned to continue until the end of the year.

“It is gratifying for us to have the opportunity to test this concept with expanded service for our passengers at the gate. With the new Pressbyrån shop, we hope to be able to offer an even better opportunity for passengers to make the last-minute purchases they need before their trip,” says Peder Grunditz, airport director at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

“We know that time is crucial for our customers and especially at an airport. In our new sales-optimised shops, we give customers the fastest service and the chance to consume right at the gate or ‘to go’, so that they can take away food for their flight. In this location, we give our customers the opportunity to pick up the last thing they may need for their trip,” says Ann-Christine Eriksson, regional manager of Reitan Convenience Sweden AB, the retail franchiser for Pressbyrån in Sweden.