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Prebooked parking at Bromma Stockholm Airport

2013-03-20, kl. 10:46

Bromma Stockholm Airport is now launching a web-based solution that enables all passengers to prebook their parking space via Bromma Stockholm’s website. By prebooking, you are guaranteed a space in the facility located closest to the airport building.

Today there are more than 1,000 parking spaces in different price classes to choose from at Bromma Stockholm Airport. Now passengers can select their parking space based on their needs by prebooking via www.brommaairport.se. Parking can be prebooked up to one day prior to entering the parking facility.

With the launch of the prebooking system, Bromma Stockholm Airport is also introducing seasonal and special offers especially aimed at the target group that often commutes in their everyday lives and in their free time. During Easter week, when many people choose to travel in Sweden, you can, for instance, prebook a parking space at a 43% discount.

“We see more and more of our passengers choosing to fly for both leisure and business purposes on the weekend. Now flying from Bromma Stockholm will be even smoother and easier when people can prebook their parking space and only have a few minutes’ walk to the airport building,” says Ulrika Fager, head of communications at Bromma Stockholm Airport.