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People from Stockholm fly more often on holiday than the national average – and check in on their own at airports

2013-12-20, kl. 12:30

Swedavia, which operates Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport, today published the results of its Traveller survey, conducted together with TNS Sifo. The survey is carried out in order to map Swedes’ views of travel, holidaymaking and airports across the world. The results show, among other things, that more people from Stockholm than the national average have chosen to fly on their holiday in the past year. A full 64 per cent of Stockholm residents have done so, compared to 53 per cent of Swedes overall. People from Stockholm also want to check their bags in themselves using automated kiosks to a greater extent than using personal service at the counter.

“At Bromma Stockholm Airport, we are continuously working to make further improvements for passengers so that their visit to the airport entails happiness and anticipation – and so that everything goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We see that people from Stockholm want self-service check-in using automated machines more than other people; in Stockholm, 52 per cent responded that they prefer self-service, compared to 41 per cent nationally. This is fully in line with our significant investment in automated check-in at Bromma recently, which has already had a major impact on passengers,” says Peder Grunditz, airport director at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

The Traveller Survey, now conducted for the second year, shows what decisions Swedes make in conjunction with their holidays and how they behave prior to a trip. The 2013report shows that a full 41% of people from Stockholm think they give higher priority to a holiday abroad today than 5-10 years ago. The main reasons for this are that people want to experience something special (58%), it has become easier (32%) and they feel there is a greater need to relax given today’s increased demands for connectivity (23%).

“We see that Swedes give priority to trips abroad to a higher degree today than a few years ago and that the airport is an important part of their travel experience. Another clear trend is that passengers consider the atmosphere, interior and the range of services on offer at the airport to be an important part of the travel experience, and we at Stockholm Arlanda have made significant investments in that respect over the past year. For instance, we have carried out extensive refurbishments of the premises, invested in more attractive shopping with new shops, developed the range of food and beverages on offer, and have also conducted pilot projects such as opening a dedicated Kids Track at the security checkpoint for families with children,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

At an airport, people from Stockholm are full of anticipation and happy – 69 per cent think the atmosphere is important for their travel experience. Stockholm residents are clearly more interested than other Swedes in updating their Facebook and Instagram pages before they fly; 29 per cent of passengers from Stockholm do so, compared to 23 per cent for all Swedes. But what people prefer to do at the airport is really socialise and converse with their travel companions, far removed from the need to be constantly connected in their everyday lives. At the airport, people from Stockholm prefer to talk with their travel companions (22%), have a cup of coffee and something sweet (14%) and shop (11%). People are also interested in checking in by themselves in automated kiosks instead of traditionally checking in at a counter.

Along with shopping and good food, Swedes think a good airport atmosphere is also characterised by clean, nice-looking premises, low sound levels, good information and ample seating.

Download the full Traveller report here (in Swedish only): www.swedavia.se/resenaren

Results from the Traveller Survey

  • The most common reason why people give priority to a holiday abroad today is that they want to experience something special (47%). This is true especially of those aged 18–29 (60%) and of people living in the Stockholm (58%) and Jönköping region (56%).
  • Older passengers (aged 50-64 and 65-79) are inspired in their choice of destination by their past travels.
  • In the counties of Kalmar (39%), Halland (47%) and Norrbotten (37%), a larger share of people plan their trip at least six months before their departure, compared to 30 per cent in the rest of Sweden.
  • 36 per cent want to be at the airport more than two hours before their flight in order to shop, eat and soak in the atmosphere. Travellers from Gävleborg, Halland, Örebro, Dalarna and Södermanland spend the most time at the airport before their departure.
  • The predominant feeling for passengers when they arrive at the airport is anticipation, and that is the strongest feeling among people living in Värmland (81%) and Dalarna (also 81%).
  • Women pack a pen, medicine, chewing gum and make-up in their carry-on baggage to a far greater extent than men do. Men instead take their computer/iPad and condoms.
  • Women prefer to buy something to read (32%) and exclusive perfumes (28%) at the airport. Men shop for alcohol, preferably higher quality (40%).
  • More than one out of six men prefer to spend the time before their flight in the bar, with this being the case especially among men aged 30-49 (22%).
  • Older men between 65 and 79 prefer a cup of coffee and something sweet (26%).
  • Women spend the most time at the airport socialising and chatting with their travel companions (23%).
  • Women also believe it is important that airports work hard to be as environmentally-friendly as possible (86%).
  • More attractive prices for shopping and food from around the world are what travellers want most at airports. 23 per cent of those asked update their Facebook status or post something on Instagram at the airport before their departure.
  • Paperback books are the most popular form of reading on a trip (54%), followed by newspapers/magazines (20%). Swedes prefer to read a comic novel like En man som heter Ove by Fredrik Backman or a thriller like Inferno by Dan Brown.

Results for the county of Stockholm

  • 681 people from the county of Stockholm were interviewed, with the 420 who answered yes to the question of whether they had flown on holiday in the past year constituting the basis for the report results.
  • Among people from Stockholm, 42 per cent of passengers decide on their destination more than three months in advance, 30 per cent more than six months in advance and 19 per cent one month in advance.
  • As for the source of inspiration in their choice of destination, most Swedes say they thought of it themselves or were inspired by an earlier trip. However, in the Stockholm region, a far higher percentage say they got their inspiration from friends/relatives/acquaintances who visited the destination – 23 per cent of people from Stockholm said so, compared to 18 per cent of Swedes on average. But it is also more common for people from Stockholm to choose their destination in order to visit relatives/friends; 20 per cent are inspired by this, compared to 13 per cent of Swedes on average.
  • People prefer to pack a pen (60%), camera (50%) and medicine (43%) in their carry-on baggage. Make-up is far more common in the carry-on baggage of people from Stockholm than of other Swedes – 22 per cent of passengers from Stockholm pack it, compared to 17 per cent elsewhere in the country.
  • People want to be at the airport at least an hour in advance (57%) or two hours in advance (33%). Only eight per cent said at most 30 minutes.
  • At airports, people from Stockholm feel a sense of anticipation (66%), happiness (48%) and the need for lavatory facilities (19%).
  • People from Stockholm prefer self-service check-in (52%) to personal service (41%).
    At airports, people prefer to socialise with their travel companions (22%), have a cup of coffee and something sweet (14%) and shopping (11%).
  • For most people (69%), the atmosphere at an airport is important.
  • People are looking for good deals on shopping (43%), a food court with food from all around the world (40%) and better job opportunities (27%). People from Stockholm are more interested in better job opportunities than the average Swede, only 20 per cent of whom are looking for this.
  • A full 41 per cent feel they give greater priority today to a holiday abroad than they did 5-10 years ago. The main reasons for this are that people want to experience something special (58%), it has become easier (32%) and they feel there is a greater need to relax given today’s increased demands for connectivity (23%).
  • People prefer to eat a sandwich (37%), hot food (14%) or fast food (13%) and drink beer (20%), coffee (32%), wine (11%) or a soft drink (11%).
  • People prefer to shop for quality spirits (34%), travel reading (31%) or Swedish chocolate (20%) and spend about SEK 500 (39%), up to SEK 100 (29%) or as much as SEK 1,000 kronor (15%).
  • A full 81 per cent of people from Stockholm think it is important that an airport works hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

About the survey

This survey of Swedish views on travel, holidaymaking and airports across the world was conducted by TNS Sifo at the request of Swedavia. The web-based survey was carried out September 30-October 9, 2013. Respondents were randomly chosen individuals aged 18-79. A total of 9,067 people were interviewed, with the 4,594 people who responded yes to the question whether they had flown on holiday over the past year serving as the basis for the survey results. For national results, the sample size was 2,000.