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Now you can take the Tvärbana cross-town rail to Bromma Stockholm Airport

2013-11-01, kl. 11:22

Starting today, Stockholm’s city airport is even closer to the city. Now you can take the newly opened Solna branch of the Tvärbana cross-town rail service almost the entire way to the airport. From the stop at Karlsbodavägen, it is less than a kilometre to walk to the terminal.

“We are extremely pleased that it will now be even easier to take mass transit to get here. The Tvärbana represents a sustainable and modern way to travel between Bromma and the city,” says Olle Sundin, airport director at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

Sustainability is of utmost importance and an obvious part of the work for Bromma and for all of Swedavia – the airport group that, according to one international standard, has come farthest in the world in its work to develop climate-smart airports.

“A lot of positive developments are under way regarding sustainable ways of getting to and from Bromma Stockholm Airport. This is a first step, and it will be even better when the Kista branch opens a little later – then passengers will be able to get off just a few metres from the terminal,” Mr Sundin adds.

The Tvärbana cross-town rail service between Alvik and Solna will initially depart every 15 minutes. You will find travel times, starting today, on Stockholm Public Transport (SL)’s travel planner.

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