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New route from Bromma Stockholm to Billund, Denmark

2012-05-08, kl. 16:41

British Airways/Sunair is launching service on Monday, May 7, on a new route between Bromma Stockholm and Billund, Denmark. This involves an additional 12 departures a week from Bromma Stockholm to Denmark. British Airways/Sunair already offers service from Bromma Stockholm to Århus, Denmark.

Bromma Stockholm to Billund:

Departure  9.30, arrival 10.55  (Monday to Friday)
Departure 18.55 arrival 20.20 (Monday to Friday and Sunday)

Billund to Bromma Stockholm:

Departure  7.40, arrival 9.05  (Monday to Friday)
Departure 17.05 arrival 18.30 (Monday to Friday and Sunday)

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