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New passenger record in August at Bromma Stockholm

2015-09-08, kl. 13:40

During August, almost 185,000 passengers flew via Bromma Stockholm Airport. That is a one per cent increase compared to the same month last year and a new record for the month of August at the airport.

International travel was up by about 3,000 passengers to almost 21,000 passengers, whereas domestic travel fell marginally by one per cent to just over 164,000 passengers during the month.

“It has been a strong year so far in terms of the number of passengers who chose to fly to or from Bromma Stockholm. In August, we also set another new record, the fifth in a row for 2015. We are now continuing our work to be an even smarter city airport,” says Peder Grunditz, airport director at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

“A lot is happening this autumn. We just launched two new international routes to Riga and Vilnius from Bromma Stockholm. We have also developed our gate with twice as many lavatories for our passengers and expanded our offering of services, with the option of last-minute shopping in Pressbyrån’s additional outlet and a Forex automated currency exchange machine,” Mr Grunditz notes.

The number of landings in scheduled traffic increased 5 per cent to just under 1,800 in August compared to the same month last year.

In all, during the period January-August, almost 1,600,000 passengers flew via Bromma Stockholm Airport. The number of passengers who flew internationally was more than 192,000, while the number of domestic passengers was around 1,400,000.

So far in 2015, passenger volume at Swedavia’s airports has increased five per cent to 24.7 million.