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New bus route between Bromma Stockholm and Stockholm Arlanda

Overview of the stops on the new bus route between Bromma and Arlanda
2015-03-04, kl. 12:47

On March 29, the airport coach company Flygbussarna will start service on a new route between Bromma Stockholm Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport, with stops in Bromma, Sundbyberg and Kista. The new service creates a cross-town connection in Stockholm, enabling more passengers and commuters to take mass transit to and from the airports.  

It will also be easier with the new route for passengers to transfer between Bromma Stockholm and Stockholm Arlanda Airports.

Flygbussarna’s new route will have 570 departures a week, with departures every 20 minutes. For those who want to work on board the bus, free wi-fi and electrical outlets are available.

Flygbussarna’s chief executive, John Strand, notes, “Stockholm is growing, and the number of passengers was up nine per cent at Stockholm Arlanda and four per cent at Bromma Stockholm last year. Air travel is also expected to continue to grow. We are really pleased to be able to offer passengers the option of rapid cross-town service between Bromma Stockholm and Arlanda Stockholm, which further reduces distances in the region. The route is important to business travellers, tourists and especially for residents and companies in Sundbyberg, Bromma and Kista.”