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More departures to Visby with Gotlandsflyg

2013-09-25, kl. 12:41

In November, Gotlandsflyg will increase its flights to Visby from Bromma Stockholm Airport.

At the same time that Gotlandsflyg is increasing the number of departures from Bromma, the airline will discontinue service to and from Stockholm Arlanda.

“We have had difficulty at times meeting the demand for seats between Visby and Bromma, which is our main airport in Stockholm. We started flying to Stockholm Arlanda to a greater extent in connection with the Skyways bankruptcy since the route is an important complement to our service to Bromma. But now there is another carrier flying this stretch with high frequency, which means that we can focus on our main route to Bromma and expand operations to meet existing demand,” says Ola Mattsson, chief executive of Gotlandsflyg.

Beginning November 1, Gotlandsflyg will fly the Visby-Bromma route using two ATR-72 500s with seats for 72 passengers. All customers who have a ticket booked to Stockholm Arlanda will be able to travel as planned, and will have their trip rebooked either to Bromma or to Stockholm Arlanda with NextJet.