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Malmö Aviation's new and quieter aircraft

2013-02-11, kl. 09:00

On February 5, Swedavia and representatives from Malmö Aviation and Bombardier met with Swedish media, and told of Malmö Aviation's new CSeries aircraft at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

“In order for us to continue to offer good accessibility to and from Stockholm, we need to collaborate closely with those around us. Environmental issues are a high priority for us at Swedavia and it is very gratifying that we are getting Malmö Aviation’s new modern aircraft to our airport. They help reduce noise for our neighbours and increase flight capacity at our urban airport Bromma Stockholm,” says Torborg Chetkovich, President and CEO of Swedavia.

Steve Aliment, Vice President Sales Europe, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, Torborg Chetkovich, President and CEO Swedavia, Guy Hachey, President and Chief Operating Officer, Bombardier Aerospace, Olle Sundin, Airport Director Bromma Stockholm Airport, Per G Braathen, Director/owner Braganza.