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Malmö Aviation is world’s most on-time airline for second straight month

2013-10-15, kl. 09:30

Malmö Aviation continues to top the list when it comes to on-line performance. The airline was number one in August, and results for September also show the airline to be the most on-time airline for the month.

Each month, the independent air travel analyst FlightStats reports on-time performance for all the world’s airlines. In September, Malmö Aviation once again ranked number one, with an on-time performance of 96.46 per cent, which is the percentage of aircraft that land within 15 minutes of their scheduled landing time.

The explanation for this success is an efficient organisation.

“We have some 17,000 flights a year to and from Bromma Stockholm Airport, which is a very efficient airport to operate at. For our customers, the short distances and rapid flows there are now connected to our fine on-time performance, and the result is efficient air travel, which is greatly appreciated,” says Henrik Löfberg, marketing director at Malmö Aviation.