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Malmö Aviation best in the world in punctuality

2013-09-13, kl. 10:56

Malmö Aviation, which is the largest airline at Bromma Stockholm Airport, was the most punctual airline in the world in August, according to the independent analytical firm FlightStats.

Malmö AviationWith 96.94 per cent punctuality, Malmö Aviation is not just number one in Sweden and Europe but can now also call itself the most punctual airline in the world. 

Malmö Aviation has a total of about 16,700 domestic departures a year, and many of these are to and from Bromma Stockholm Airport. Fast, smooth flows and short distances at the airport are factors contributing to the fine survey results.

“It is a wonderful confirmation for all our colleagues who work with a focus on punctuality. It also puts wind beneath our wings to further advance our work with punctuality,” says Per Andersson, operations director at Malmö Aviation.