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Maiden flight using biofuel from Bromma Stockholm

2015-05-29, kl. 10:29

On May 26, Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg carried out their maiden flight using aviation biofuel from Bromma Stockholm Airport.

The maiden flight, between Bromma Stockholm and Visby Airports, was the launch of a new concept for Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg – both part of the Braathens Aviation group – which allows passengers to choose to pay a little extra in order to fly using biofuel. The maiden flight kicked off the trial period for biofuel flights that will take place during Sweden’s Almedalen Week, an annual gathering of politicians, companies media and  other organisations, when it will be possible to purchase “bio tickets” for the flight to Visby.

In 2015, both Swedavia and Braathens Aviation joined the Nordic initiative Fly Green Fund, which gives companies and organisations the opportunity to help reduce their environmental impact. This is to be done by kick-starting the market for flights in the Nordic countries using aviation biofuel.

“This is an important piece of the puzzle in the work to stimulate demand for renewable aviation fuel so that production increases. Hopefully, this will also help to increase the potential to refuel with renewable aviation fuel at Bromma in the future,” says Therese Forsström, environmental manager at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

The maiden flight was made using BioJet fuel, which consists of 48 per cent renewable biofuel for one of the aircraft’s two engines.