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Inauguration of Bromma Stockholm’s new, smoother security checkpoint

2014-02-21, kl. 16:32

The passenger experience at the airport is now being improved with more efficient flows and shorter queues during peak times at the security checkpoint. Today, February 21, is the inauguration of Bromma Stockholm Airport’s new security checkpoint.

During the autumn and early this year, work was carried out to refurbish and improve Bromma Stockholm’s security checkpoint, from both a technical and aesthetic standpoint.  

“Capacity at the security checkpoint has been expanded by about 25 per cent, and there are now four X-ray machines rather than two, with their own body scanners, for twice the X-ray capacity. That improves security screening flows and queue times considerably during peak traffic periods, when most passengers choose to fly from here,” says Peder Grunditz, airport director at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

“When we develop the airport’s infrastructure, it is important that we improve what our passengers think we are already good at – that the entire travel process is considered efficient and smooth, from the time passengers come to the airport and check in until they are seated on board and ready to begin their holiday. The new security checkpoint is part of our work to make it even easier and more pleasant to fly from our airport,” Mr Grunditz notes.

The new security checkpoint entails improvements in passenger flows for passengers as well as the airport’s employees. The airport has also invested in reducing the noise level in the security checkpoint by installing sound insulation material in the area.

Pictured: Peder Grunditz, Airport Director, in Bromma's new security checkpoint.
Photo: Jonas Borg.