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Inauguration of Bromma Stockholm’s new champagne bar and fast food restaurant

2014-08-21, kl. 16:25

Today, August 21, is the official opening of Bromma Stockholm Airport’s new and updated restaurant with a champagne bar in the airport terminal.

The new restaurant, which includes both a champagne bar and fast food section, is an extension of the existing restaurant in the airport terminal and is available to arriving and departing passengers, other visitors and employees at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

The airport has once again been assisted in the work on the new restaurant, which has been carried out in different phases over the course of a year, by the interior decorator and designer Simon Davies.
“Now people can begin or end their trip to and from Stockholm with a glass of champagne or enjoy our modern fast food in a “grab and go” fashion,” says Björn Molin, project manager at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

“With this change, we hope we can offer an even better offering of products and services, laconic for people who have a little time before their flight and want to begin or end their journey with us as well as for people who have a little less time and want something quick and good to eat and drink,” Mr Molin adds.