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Continued focus on Stockholm’s access

2013-09-20, kl. 11:25

Today, it was announced that Olle Sundin, airport director of Bromma Stockholm Airport, has been appointed the new director-general of LFV. Until otherwise announced, he will retain all his roles at Swedavia. As a result, this ensures an uninterrupted focus on issues that are important for Stockholm’s continued access.

Bromma Stockholm Airport is undergoing essential modernisation work to ensure continued access to and from Stockholm. Particular focus has been placed on maintaining business air travel for Stockholm and the possibility of scheduled service at the airport. At the same time, operations must be planned based on the different conditions permitted by oversight authorities.

“LFV is an important partner in our work to make Swedish infrastructure for aviation more efficient. We wish Olle Sundin good luck in his new position while at the same time we ensure that the conditions for Stockholm’s access are looked after in the best way,” says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive of Swedavia.

During his time at Swedavia, Olle Sundin has done a fine job and carried out impressive work to develop solutions that benefit both the passengers and partners at the airports he has worked at. He has also been a key figure in Swedavia’s transition to running and developing the ten airports in Sweden’s basic national infrastructure. Swedavia has initiated a recruitment process in order to meet its internal and external needs.