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Bromma Stockholm’s new bicycle parking facility inaugurated today

2013-10-30, kl. 16:28

Today Bromma Stockholm Airport’s new covered bicycle parking facility was inaugurated. Efforts to make it easier for passengers to bike between the airport and Stockholm are part of Bromma Stockholm Airport’s work with sustainability and modernisation.

The bicycle parking facility was inaugurated by the City of Stockholm’s Vice Mayor of Environment,  Per Ankersjö (C).

“It is really gratifying that Bromma is now investing to ensure good, safe bicycle parking facilities. It is a great benefit to the environment if more passengers start to get here by bike instead of taking their car. The bicycle path from the city centre out to Bromma is marked as a commuting route on the city’s bicycle map, which means there will be better cleaning, snow removal and maintenance on this route,” Mr Ankersjö notes.

The general parking facility at Bromma is mostly for the airport’s passengers. In the new bicycle parking facility, people can park for a few hours, the whole day or up to four weeks if they are on a longer journey. 

“Since we are Stockholm’s city airport, located just about nine kilometres from the city centre, access is everything. We also want to be at the cutting edge in terms of our sustainability work, and one way to work with these issues is to make travel easier for bikers. New alternatives are now also available for taking mass transport to the airport, for instance, using the recently opened cross-town rail service,” says airport director Olle Sundin.

The new bicycle facility has capacity for 84 bicycles and better structures for locking bicycles as well as a refurbished roof and walls. For Bromma, efforts to improve mass transit are an important part of the work to develop the airport into a modern city airport. 

Sustainability is of utmost importance and an intrinsic part of the work for Bromma and for all of Swedavia – the airport group that has come farthest in the world, according to one international standard, in developing climate-smart airports.