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All Time High inaugurated at Bromma Stockholm Airport

2013-06-04, kl. 10:14

The art exhibit All Time High has been officially opened at Bromma Stockholm Airport. The artist and set designer Catrine Näsmark has formed the word ‘height’ in a playful installation of seven portraits. The exhibit is a tribute to some who have dared to aim high – both in body and soul.

Catrine Näsmark is a portrait artist in Swedish Modern New, a style that involves large-scale expression but also a lot of playfulness and colour.

“As a set designer, I think the airport is an exciting space to work in – a place with a lot of feelings. Longing, hope, joy, anticipation, sad farewells but also warm greetings. A place of seriousness but also playfulness: who has not been pushed around on a baggage trolley? Space, image and text need each other and together create a meaningful context. I really look forward to being part of the airport arena, a place where art also belongs,” says Catrine Näsmark.

All Time High is a tribute to those who have dared to aim high – both in body and soul. At the entrance to Bromma, passengers encounter a large portrait of Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.

”Bromma is the smoothest city airport for Stockholmers and at the same time an arena that 6,000 people travel to and from each day. By displaying art, we want to create an inspiring environment and an opportunity for our passengers to reflect. The departure hall is a space that is really well suited for Catrine Näsmark’s creative interpretations of ‘height’,” says Olle Sundin, airport director of Bromma Stockholm Airport.