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All-time high at Bromma Stockholm in March

2015-04-10, kl. 10:43

More than 230,000 passengers flew to or from Bromma Stockholm Airport in March 2015. That is an increase of eight per cent compared to 2014 and a new passenger record for the month of March.

Domestic travel was up seven per cent in March to more than 204,000 passengers, while international travel was up 13 per cent to over 26,000 passengers compared to the same month last year. 

“In March we set a new record at Bromma Stockholm. The increase in domestic passengers at the airport was due in part to the strike that took place during the first part of the month. We also see that more people chose to fly via Bromma Stockholm to our new international destination, Vilnius, while there was also greater interest in flights to and from Brussels as well as to and from Tallinn,” says Peder Grunditz, airport director at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

“This spring and in the near time, we are focusing mainly on three areas for development. We are investing in improvements in the environment at and adjacent to Bromma Stockholm, we are working with maintenance and measures associated with the airport’s new certification, and we are making more improvements in the terminal to benefit passengers,” Mr Grunditz adds. 

The number of landings in scheduled operations increased seven per cent to about 2,300 in March compared to the same month last year.

A total of more than 2,900,000 passengers flew to or from one of Swedavia’s ten airports in March. That is a three per cent increase compared to March 2014.