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All time high at Bromma Stockholm Airport in December

2014-12-23, kl. 14:35

On December 22, Bromma Stockholm Airport celebrated its new passenger record for December. This means that the airport's previous passenger record in 2012 of 2,295,260 passengers was surpassed by our new "record passenger" Eivy Hammar from Östersund.

Record passenger Eivy Hammar travelled with her husband from Åre Östersund Airport to Bromma. When she stepped off the plane she was greeted and celebrated in the arrival hall. Festive umbrella drinks from Bromma's new champagne bar were served and airport director Peder Grunditz presented Eivy Hammar with a travel voucher from Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg, a bag from The Nuance Group and the traditional Bromma tray.