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Royal Design to open virtual shop at Bromma Stockholm

2015-06-16, kl. 16:16

In mid-June Bromma Stockholm Airport’s first virtual shop, Royal Design, will open. Swedavia has been testing virtual shops at Stockholm Arlanda Airport since March, and now the concept will be expanded with the addition of Royal Design also at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

Royal Design, the leading Nordic e-retailer in design, furniture and household furnishings, will set up a unit at Bromma Stockholm’s gate. With this unit, passengers will have access to Royal Design’s entire inventory, with more than 30,000 products.

“A city airport, not least Bromma Stockholm, has limited space, which places high demands on the efficiency of existing space at the airport. By setting up virtual shops, we can offer our passengers a wider range of sought-after products – now at both Stockholm airports, Arlanda and Bromma,” says Magnus Ros, Director of Commercial Services, Swedavia.