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  • About Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    2016-10-19, kl. 11:00

    Several airlines have introduced a ban on the mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on their flights - check with your airline what applies to your trip.

  • Airline BRA launches bus service between Bromma Stockholm Airport and Arenastaden

    2016-10-04, kl. 13:16

    It is now possible to travel by electric-powered bus between Bromma Stockholm Airport and the Solna district of Arenastaden north of Stockholm, where the Mall of Scandinavia and Friends Arena, among other destinations, are located. The airline BRA has launched this service on behalf of companies in Arenastaden.

  • This year SAS celebrates its 70th anniversary

    2016-09-19, kl. 11:07

    In 1946, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) made its official maiden flight between Stockholm and New York. Since then, SAS has made life easier for passengers flying to and from Scandinavia. SAS’s 70th anniversary is being celebrated with the exhibition “Congratulations SAS on your 70th anniversary,” which features uniforms and other retro items. 

  • Thousands celebrate Bromma Stockholm’s 80th anniversary

    2016-05-23, kl. 10:25

    Many people like the classic Bromma Stockholm Airport. Thousands of Stockholmers were on hand along with Swedavia airport staff on Saturday, May 21, when the airport celebrated its 80th anniversary.

  • Passengers donated SEK 2.5 million to the Red Cross

    2016-03-23, kl. 10:21

    Swedavia’s partnership with the Red Cross has been a success. In 2015, passengers and employees at the Group’s airports made contributions totalling SEK 2.5 million to Red Cross operations.

  • Air passenger volume increased in February

    2016-03-08, kl. 10:12

    In February Swedavia’s airports saw a sharp rise in air traffic. Passenger volume increased as much as 10 per cent compared to the same month last year.

  • Air passenger volume up during the first month of the yearAir passenger volume up during the first month of the year

    2016-02-11, kl. 13:19

    The number of air passengers increased during the first month of 2016. Some 2,606,000 people flew to or from one of Swedavia’s airports in January. That is a 5 per cent increase over the same month last year. 

  • Express travel between Bromma Airport and Stockholm Arlanda with Flygbussarna

    2016-01-28, kl. 14:26

    Beginning February 1, the airport coach company Flygbussarna will provide express service between Bromma Stockholm Airport and Stockholm Arlanda. This will make travel easier for both passengers and commuters, who can now easily get between the two airports without first travelling into the city centre.

  • Chat live with Swedavia’s customer service

    2016-01-26, kl. 09:27

    Starting today, you can chat live with Swedavia’s customer service representatives via all eleven of the Group’s websites.

  • Record year at Swedavia’s airports

    2016-01-13, kl. 14:02

    2015 was a record year for Swedavia, with many of its airports setting new passenger records. A total of 37,574,829 people flew to or from one of the Group’s ten airports, an increase of 5 per cent compared to 2014.

  • Swedavia’s passengers donate more than 1 million Swedish kronor to people in need

    2016-01-07, kl. 13:08

    In one year, passengers at Swedavia’s ten airports have donated more than 1.3 million Swedish kronor to people in need.

  • New passenger record at Bromma

    2016-01-07, kl. 12:53

    Today, December 17, a new passenger record will be set at Bromma Stockholm Airport. On board Malmö Aviation’s plane from Göteborg Landvetter Airport are 62 passengers who are helping to set a new record of more than 2,400,000 passengers flying to or from the airport. That means the airport’s previous passenger record, set in December 2014, will be broken with this flight’s new “record passengers”.

  • Passenger volume continues to rise

    2015-12-15, kl. 16:36

    During November, 3,033,666 people flew to or from one of Swedavia’s ten airports. That is a 7 per cent increase compared to the same month last year.

  • Swedavia first in the world to have green flights for all its official business travel

    2015-12-08, kl. 10:27

    Beginning in 2016, all flights for official business purposes at Swedavia will be powered by renewable aviation fuel. 
    “With this decision, we are taking an important step in our environmental work, while showing that renewable aviation fuel belongs to the future,” says Torborg Chetkovich, president and chief executive of Swedavia.

  • Swedavia to offer unemployed youths internships at its airports

    2015-11-27, kl. 17:06

    Swedavia, together with the Swedish Public Employment Service, would like to give young people and the long-term unemployed a chance to enter the labour market. The partnership involves internships for people who run the risk of long-term joblessness.