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Experience the art exhibit All Time High at the airport

What do you envisage when you think of the word “height”? The artist and set designer Catrine Näsmark has her own interpretation, and the result is a collection of portraits of famous people, on display at the airport since June 1.  

You can enjoy her playful installation All Time High – a tribute to those who have dared and who dare to aim high, in both body and soul – on the floor and walls of the departure hall. Some of her catchwords have been spirituality, weightlessness, ambition, motivation, courage, joy, capacity and boundlessness.

The exhibit officially opened on June 1 and will be on display at the airport until November 30. Her paintings are also available for sale at this time.  
Read more on Catrine Näsmark’s website.

More about Catrine Näsmark

Catrine Näsmark is a portrait artist in a style known as Swedish Modern New, which involves large-scale expression, a lot of playfulness and masses of colour – big works that often elicit laughter,  inspiration and joy.

She has always drawn and painted, and got her education from Konstskolan Basis and Nyckelviksskolan, both in Stockholm, and then the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design School, with a focus on set design. She has worked full-time as an artist for ten years.

Ms Näsmark is the youngest living artist to have her portraits of the King and Queen of Sweden hang in the Royal Palace of Stockholm.