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Swedavia's incentive programme and discounts

Bild på flygplan som lyfter

To stimulate traffic growth, Swedavia offers incentives and marketing support to all airlines operating at Swedavia´s airports.

Scheduled traffic

  • New Destination Discount (NDD)
  • Passenger Increase Bonus (PIB)

  • Marketing Support (MGS)

Furthermore, several regional collaborations between airports, cities and local business partners offer co-financing of joint marketing initiatives to support new routes and promote Swedish destinations. One example is Connect Sweden.

Air freight

  • Cargo Incentive

Tour operators

  • Charter Incentive Programme (ChIP)

Renewable aviation fuel

  • Biofuel Incentive Programme

For more information concerning incentives and marketing support, please contact Swedavia or follow the links to the right.


E-mail: aviationbusiness@swedavia.se