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Travellers prefer charter flights from their local airport

Swedes give high priority to travel. And there is a demand for non-stop charter flights from Swedavia’s regional airports.

The destinations on offer at the airport are critical to the traveller’s choice of departure airports. Developing and expanding destinations can therefore attract more passengers to Swedavia’s airports.

However, this is true not only of charter travellers but also of leisure travellers who have not taken a package tour and/or charter trip over the past few years. City breaks and sun/beach holidays arranged by the travellers themselves are, along with charter trips, the most popular forms of travel. In that area too, there is great demand for a larger range of destinations on offer. 

The choice of destinations is the greatest challenge for many of Swedavia’s regional airports. The exceptions are Umeå and Malmö, where the level of satisfaction with destinations there is rather high.
According to the survey, the most important things in terms of charter travel are:

  • Guaranteed sun and warm weather and the fact that the destination is safe and secure are important to the charter travel group.
  • There is clearly the greatest demand for week-long holidays. The autumn is when most people prefer to travel, and charter arrangements that only include breakfast are what most people preferred. However, all-inclusive packages are also popular.
  • Greece and Thailand are the most popular travel destinations. But many people also want to visit Spain, especially Majorca and the Canary Islands, as well as Italy and Turkey.
  • London is by far the destination with the greatest demand when it comes to city weekend break packages