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System for prebooked parking

The system of stating the registration number of your car gives a more secure and convenient way to manage your car park booking.

It is the registration number of your car that identifies the booking. When you drive into your prebooked car park, the camera system reads the car's registration number and you are given access to the car park.

Check your registration number

Check that your registration number is correct by clicking the link 'Manage my booking' on the page.

On arrival

Take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have come to the right car park
  2. Drive up to the barrier and wait until the system reads and identifies the car's registration number
    An entry slip is printed out once the booking has been identified. Take it and the barrier will lift up

You do not need to press anything to get your parking slip because your slip is printed automatically once the system has identified your registration number

If you need to contact assistance, press the button with a telephone symbol on it. 24-hour staff service is available.

When exiting

Take the following steps:

  1. Drive up to any of the exit barriers. The booking is identified, parking period checked and the barrier lifts up. You do not need to insert your entry slip into a machine
  2. If identification does not happen or if you have parked for a longer period than you have booked, put the parking slip you received when entering into the machine. The system then calculates the additional cost you must pay
    You then pay with your card

Contact customer services if you have any questions.