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System for prebooked parking

This is how you park when you have booked a parking space in advance.

It is the registration number of your car that identifies the booking. When you drive into your prebooked car park, the camera system reads the car's registration number and you are given access to the car park.

Check your registration number

Check that your registration number is correct by clicking the link 'Manage my booking' on the page.

At the entrance

  • Drive up to the entrance gate of the area you booked.
  • A camera reads your car licence plate.
  • Your booking is checked.
  • A ticket is printed, which you use when you exit.

At the exit

  • Drive up to the exit gate.
  • Insert the ticket you were issued when you entered into the automated pay machine.
  • The ticket is checked and returned to you.
  • The gate goes up.Please note: if there is a problem or you are not sure how it works, push the button for telephone assistance, which is located above the yellow ticket slot.

Contact customer services if you have any questions.