Upper Crust

Freshly baked baguettes with tasty fillings, guaranteed to be straight from the oven and easy to take with you on board your plane. Upper Crust, a British bakery, has been an international hit since its launch in London in the 1980s.

Time guarantee 5 min 5 min
Time guarantee

A filled baguette is the perfect, satisfying meal to eat on the run. That realisation was the start of the Upper Crust phenomenon. The first bread stand at Waterloo Station in 1986 grew into more than one hundred shops in bus terminals, airports and railway stations in thirteen countries.

Its speciality is still freshly made baguettes with popular fillings such as ham, salami, cheddar, tuna and chicken and a time guarantee. Today Upper Crust sells more travel-friendly pastries such as croissants and classic Swedish cinnamon buns, Italian coffee and cold drinks. Upper Crust is located in Terminal 5 at Stockholm Arlanda.

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