Emma Unckel and Gustav Broström

In their podcast "The Routine," beauty experts Emma Unckel and Gustav Broström celebrate Hump Day, the middle of the work week, discussing the best and the latest developments in skincare and make-up. Offering a large dose of humour well balanced with shopping tips, nerdiness and great knowledge about products and what is available in the market, "The Routine" takes listeners by the hand and guides them through the beauty jungle. The hosts share their best travel tips, like how to keep one's skin hydrated in the dry airport air.

"I always try to get a good night's sleep so that I don't land at my destination completely knackered. However, it usually doesn't go all that well since I'm always up to three in the morning packing," says Gustav Broström.

"When we're off on a trip, I usually first clear out my bag to avoid schlepping along unnecessary stuff that I've packed. That way, it's also easier to have space for a little tax-free shopping," Emma Unckel chimes in.

Emma also adds that there is nothing worse than being stressed at the airport completely unnecessarily and advises people to be there well in advance to avoid starting their trip off on the wrong foot, both for their sake and the sake of the people travelling with them.

"By far my best travel tip is to coordinate colours when you pack. Choose one to three colours that match and choose all your clothes based on that. Then you avoid unpacking at the hotel and realising you have ten patterned shirts and pants that are just as loud. I always stick with black, white and navy blue – totally original," Gustav continues.

Many people experience the air at the airport and in the aircraft as being dryer than in other places, which can lead, among other things, to people's skin drying out faster.
"It's really important to make sure you have a few moisturising products in your hand baggage. Invest in a hydrating mist, face cream, a good sheet mask and moist towelettes so you can deal with the problem. And don't forget to drink lots of water," says Emma.

"Dry air and lots of people lead to dirty skin and, for me, spots. Avoid touching your face before you've washed your hands," says Gustav.

Before it's time to board, there's a lot of shopping to do, and for both Emma and Gustav that primarily means luxurious fashion magazines and gossip tabloids.

"Of course, I can't refrain from emptying the beauty products section in the tax-free store. My tip is to check out the area by the tills where there are good deals on make-up and real bargains. I usually also buy sun protection products, which often are better priced and much nicer to buy at Arlanda than taking up unnecessary space in your checked-in baggage," Emma notes.

"I stock up on snuff, mineral water and lots of luxury fashion magazines. Then I go to the beauty section and try out all the expensive perfumes, probably to the annoyance of my fellow passengers," says Gustav.

"When I travel with my kids, they usually each get to choose their own toy to keep them occupied from the wonderful World of Toys shop in Terminal 5 – so many great, nice toys. And they're also perfect if you need to buy presents for your trip," says Emma.

"I love the bookstore Pocketshop. They always have really knowledgeable staff and understand exactly what you want, even when you come up with odd requests such as "psychosexual sci-fi with a strong female character" or something like that," Gustav adds.