The new marketplace

With 26 million passengers and 328 routes in 2018, Arlanda is already Sweden’s gateway to the world and the world’s gateway to the Nordic region.

Exciting destinations that attract new travellers are continuously being added, and the total number  of passengers is expected to rise to 29 million by 2023.

Swedavia is therefore busy developingthe airport of the future – we will invest SEK 30 billion at Arlanda by 2025. The airport’s largest terminal, Terminal 5, will contribute to an entirely new experience for travellers and our business partners.

When developing the future Arlanda we always aim to have the least possible environmental impact. All of our own operations at our ten airports will be climate-neutral by 2020

In the right way, for the right target audience

Since 2010, the total number of passengers at Swedavia's ten airports has increased by 50 percent, which creates enormous business opportunities when you do things the right way, for the right target audience.

For young millennials, travel is a normal part of everyday life, and they will be the single largest target group at our airports in just a few years. For obvious reasons, the offerings at the airport and how they are presented must therefore be adapted to the requirements of this group and of coming generations. More than ever before, the demand is for something that is genuineand locally produced.

The travellers of today and tomorrow want unique products, gifts and experiences. This is the context in which, together with you, we want to set Arlanda apart from other airports. We aim to do this by offer a uniquely Nordic experience, with an exciting offer in which the various parts work together to build a modern and varied experience.

We do not aim to be the largest, but we do want to be the Nordic region’s leading airport in terms of offering, service and sustainability.

Terminal människor

A unique place with uniquely nordic experiences

The marketplace, with 11,000 square metres of wellarranged space, has a design and physical environment that is distinctively Nordic in terms of functional solutions, choice of materials and creative expression.

In the marketplace there are restaurants that cater to all tastes, from fine dining and fast food to local produce. They share modern and spacious areas together with shops, services and showrooms featuring the best in Swedish and international fashion and design.

Mood zones

Overall, we are creating a dynamic and well-planned marketplace with zones that provide a variety of moods, always with the aim of matching the specific energy levels and needs of our visitors.

From waiting to expectation

The marketplace at Terminal 5 will offer something unique from the Nordic region that passengers truly want. It will be a place where waiting is transformed into expectation.

There will always be a choice making things easier for the passenger without compromising on quality, whether it’s a quick bite to eat or a last-minute purchase. We will achieve this through a strong focus on business and concepts with local roots, combined with a genuine commitment to sustainability. Through unexpected and innovative partnerships between companies active in the different segments of Food & Beverage, Retail and Advertising, we will further create a completely unique experience and atmosphere that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

In this context, the waiting times that are often unavoidable at an airport
become a great advantage. Regardless of whether it is Food & Beverage, Retail or Advertising, there are very good prospects for giving travellers those memorable, unexpected and relationship-building experiences that
they currently demand.

With simple and affordable services in a modern and vibrant marketplace, we can create a whole and wide-ranging package of experiences for our travellers. This will be a marketplace that makes life easier for our passengers when time is short, but which also stays in their minds long after they have left the airport.

Big hal in airport