Insider's Guide to Arlanda

Every day, more than 18,000 of us work at the airport. This is our story and our best tips for you when you're headed off on your travels. Why not follow us on Facebook and Instagram?

A blond woman in a store holding a pack of support socks

Malin, Emergency response nurse

Years at Arlanda: 5 years

Favourite destination: All of California and especially San Francisco, a city for everyone. Everybody's welcome there, young and old.

Insider tip: Buy rehydration tablets at the chemist Apoteket and start your journey by drinking a lot of water since flying affects your body.

A man at a table, tablet in hand and a shrimp sandwich in front of him

Figo, Sales associate at the restaurant Taste

Years at Arlanda: 4 years

The best thing about my job: All the new people, getting to talk to guests and the joy of seeing returning guests that you remember and recognise. I feel like I'm part of Arlanda.

Insider tip: I want to say to every passenger – have fun on your journey!

A man in front of a camera lens and Arlanda airport in the background

Jimmy, Airport Duty Manager, Swedavia

Years at Arlanda: 19 years

Favourite destination: Seattle, Washington. I studied there for two years and played in a band. Every year I go back to see this fantastic city.

Insider tip: Prepare ahead of time for security screening so that everything goes more smoothly. Remove your belt and take along a small bag to put valuables like your watch and wallet in.

A woman in a visibility jacket at a yellow car sith Arlanda airport in the background

Carolina, Planning coordinator, ATOS, Swedavia

Years at Arlanda: 12 years

Dream trip: I have my own Icelandic horses and would love to travel to Iceland, a place I've never seen.

Insider tip: Don't miss the organic ice cream at RC Chocolat in Terminals 3 and 5. Liquorice ice cream is a must!

A man in a couch with a green cap, some candy and a walkie talkie

Emmanuel, Passenger escort, Swedavia

Years at Arlanda: 1 year

A day at work: There's always something new happening, and just when you're getting comfortable, you encounter a new situation and realise you're learning new things all the time.

Insider tip: The best start at Arlanda is to first find your gate and then go shopping and eat something. Max hamburgers in Terminals 4 and 5 are a safe bet!

A man in a bee suit with Arlanda flight tower in the background

Fredrik, Beekeeper

Years at Arlanda: 2 years

A day at work: The best thing about my job is seeing how the bee colony works and studying their behaviour. Just standing there and seeing how they structure and form honeycomb, how they tend to the queen in the colony.

Insider tip: Go take a look at the beehives in SkyCity on a sunny day and see how bees navigate. See what direction they fly – north, south, east or west. The honey is served for breakfast at Clarion Hotel Arlanda.

A flight attendant with suitcases and balloons

Anette, Flight attendant, Thomas Cook

Years at Arlanda: 4 years

A day at work: I like travelling and seeing the world, and getting to see the sun year-round. Our flexible work hours are also nice – you're not stuck in an office. Then it's wonderful working with people. People who are going on holiday are happy!

Insider tip: If you have kids, then my tip is to take along something that they can entertain themselves with before they board the plane. We always go to Pocketshop and buy a book for the flight.

A female priest otuside a terminal at Arlanda eating ice cream

Unni, Airport minister, Church of Sweden

Years at Arlanda: 9 years

Favourite ice cream: Scoops of vanilla, strawberry and blueberry.

Insider tip: A good idea is to visit our chapel in SkyCity, light a candle and write something in our guest book before you head off. Everyone is welcome!

a man in a suit with Arlanda flight tower in the background

Lasse, Airport Services Manager, Qatar Airways

Years at Arlanda: 25 years

Dream: Triathlon in Hawaii or biking the Tour de France

Insider tip: Travel without hand baggage. I always wear a waist pouch that holds my passport, money, credit cards, mobile and ear buds. Your journey gets off to a much smoother start without heavy hand baggage.

A man sitting in a hanging chair, feet on table and a pair of slippers beside

Niklas, Baker and partner at RC Chocolat

Years at Arlanda: 3 years

The best thing about my job: Constant life and movement, with a lot of variation and new challenges every day.

Insider tip: You get really good, tasty food made from scratch at Pontus in the Air in Terminal 5.

A woman in a green top at a table eating with chopsticks, a coffee mug and a pastry in front of her

Ramona, Operations Development, Technology, Swedavia

Years at Arlanda: 3 years

Best travel memory: My tour of the Balkans, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro. Tall mountains, fantastic nature, green and beautiful and also affordable.

Insider tip: Start off by checking in and then treat yourself to something good in SkyCity. It's a little calmer here and is a gold mine with different places to eat.

Ramona suggests

A woman receiving a plastic cup with juice

Nor, Front of House Manager, Menzies Aviation

Years at Arlanda: 10 years

Travel tip: Short weekend trips in Europe, trying new capitals by taking a flight of just a few hours non-stop from Arlanda.

Insider tip: Remember that the journey starts when you're still at home – put yourself in a holiday mood, don't stress and take your time. Start with a good breakfast at one of the hotels at Arlanda.

Daniel suggests

Duty Free Store

Piz Buin

a woman wrapping gifts at a table at Arlanda

Julia, Shop Salesperson, Designtorget

Number of years at Arlanda: 6 years

When I'm not working, I love yoga, art, painting pictures and reading books. Here at my job, the atmosphere is also so nice – I get to learn about everyone else's travel adventures.

Insider tip: Don't miss all the lovely Swedish gifts you can buy in the Duty Free Store. They're perfect to take along when you're going to visit someone on your travels.

A chef in a bridge with a suitcase

Pontus, Restaurant Owner, Pontus in the Air

Number of years at Arlanda: 2 years

As a chef, I obviously like food, preferably with good friends. One of my best travel memories is an unforgettable trip to Kenya, where we also went on a safari. But I can be just as happy, if not more, walking my dog in the woods here at home.

Insider tip: Get a really good suitcase, be at the airport well before your flight so you can eat in peace and quiet and relax before it's time for take-off.

A woman in a pink sweater trying a perfume in a shop

Lillemor, Housekeeper, Samhall

Number of years at Arlanda: 3 years

The best thing I know is travel, and especially taking pictures of animals in their natural environment. My best travel memory is when I was in India on a hiking trip. I managed to get a picture of a wild tigress – I'll never forget that! Here at the airport, I'm inspired by all the people I meet each day, all different kinds.

Insider tip: It's a good idea to ask for help in the Duty Free Store to find your favourite scent, and don't miss my photo exhibition, which is in Terminal 4!

Lillemor suggests

A woman and a child at a playground at Arlanda

Katariina with her daughter, Project Purchaser, Swedavia

Number of years at Arlanda: 2 years

I haven't worked that long at the airport, but I'll probably never get tired of the inspiring setting. In my private time, I like to go skiing, work out and bake. On my next trip, I hope to go to Aruba in the West Indies together with my husband and our four children.

Insider tip: Make sure your kids have something to do on the journey. There are really good suitcases for children and activity books with stickers at World of Toys andWHSmith in Terminals 2 and 5.

A man with a pair of headphones around his neck

Jörgen, Incident Commander, Arlanda Rescue Service

Number of years at Arlanda: 14 years

It's hard to describe the happy atmosphere among colleagues and passengers along with the feel of the pulse at Arlanda, but quite simply, it's a fantastic workplace! As soon as I get a chance I like to take a trip, but in my everyday life, my two Chihuahuas take up a lot of my time.

Insider tip: Start your journey with an overnight stay and breakfast at Arlanda and always have some really good earphones with you – preferably a noise-cancelling set.