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A genuine hot dog stand, or "pølsevogn," as it's called in Danish, with a long history. Steff-Houlberg is the popular brand serving hot dogs to Danes all across Denmark. It opened its first hot dog stand in 1921. It now has an outlet in the Terminal 5 arrival hall.

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Steff-Houlberg started out as a widely known butcher's shop in Denmark that closed down, was sold and became synonymous with hot dogs in that country. Stands with the name Steff's Place written in neon have a set menu that includes Denmark's national hot dog, coloured red – grilled or boiled, in the French style on a baguette, or with cucumber, mayonnaise, crispy fried onions and other condiments. Why not try the prize-winning Pusta, a juicy sausage with a nice meaty flavour and some spicy heat?

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Steff's Place

Terminal 5 Before security

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Daily 11:00–19:00


+46 73 688 15 45