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Whatever you might desire in the way of coffee, you'll find it here. The international coffee chain Starbucks is known for its wide repertoire of hand-made coffee drinks – and for its pastries, US jumbo sized. The company launched its climate-smart strategy in 2004 and has maintained a green corporate profile ever since.

Category: Café | Vegetarian

The coffee bar for you if you demand a little more from your coffee. The skilled baristas behind the counter can handle almost anything, from hand-made Frappuccino blends and cold-brew coffee to creamy espresso desserts. Or why not a hand-mixed tea cocktail, an iced drink or a nutritious smoothie?

The chain is well-known for its extra-large American muffins and cookies but also has a fine range of light refreshments available such as cold and grilled sandwiches, yoghurt and salads.

Starbucks is a good environmental choice. It is a global player driving long-term efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, in part through recycling and energy-efficient solutions.
Starbucks has one coffee bar at Stockholm Arlanda,  at Terminal 2.

Opening hours: Opens daily one hour before the first departure, about 5:00, closes Monday–Friday 21:00, Saturday 20:00, Sunday 21:00.

Location: SkyCity and after the security checkpoint in Terminal 2, Gate 66.

Price range: Bagels starting at 59 SEK, sandwiches starting at 73 SEK, pastries starting at 41 SEK.

Time guarantee: Immediately

Telephone: +46(0)7 368 817 66

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Terminal 2 After security


+46 (0)73 688 17 66