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Johan & Nyström

Artisanal coffee in a class of its own. Johan & Nyström calls itself a coffee revolutionary and has won a number of prestigious prizes, including the White Guide honour "Sweden's Best Café". The coffee berries are picked in close collaboration with selected growers and roasted using the slow roast method. Organic, Fairtrade – and passionate.

Category: Café | Vegan | Vegetarian

The coffee bar that gives you an experience beyond the usual, coffee drinks with unique flavours and an authentic story. The growers have been chosen with the greatest care, and the berries are picked when they are reddest for maximum sweetness. Their vision is to spread a better coffee culture with Fairtrade organically produced coffee for discerning palates.

Johan & Nyström started Sweden's first coffee roasting facility, became an award-winning concept shop in Stockholm's Söder district and then opened at Stockholm Arlanda. Today Johan & Nyström is not just a White Guide favourite, but has also won the prestigious Allegra European Coffee Award and was mentioned in the Louis Vuitton City Guide.

The two coffee bars at Stockholm Arlanda have first-rate sandwiches and an interesting tea assortment if you prefer that. You'll find one outlet in the Terminal 2 departure hall. The other, larger bar is in Terminal 4, which is also a shop that sells the roaster's own products.

Opening hours:
Terminal 4 5:00–22:30 
Terminal 2 5:00–21:00 

Location: Terminal 2 departure hall, Terminal 4 after the security checkpoint, Gate 39.

Dishes available: High-quality coffee, sandwiches and pastries. Price range: Sandwiches starting at 89 SEK.

Time guarantee: Immediately

Telephone: +46 (0)8 522 355 00

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Map Johan & Nyström

Johan & Nyström

Terminal 2 After security

Opening hours:

Daily, opens one hour before the first departure and closes in conjunction with the final departure from Terminal 2.


+46 (0)8 522 355 00

Johan & Nyström

Terminal 4 After security

Opening hours:

Daily - one hour before the first departure and closes in conjunction with the last departure from Terminal 4.


+46 8-522 355 00